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Sample Investment Banking Resumes

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Sample Finance Resumes Examples
Responsible for taking deposits, disbursing cash, opening accounts, and investigating fees.
Reports financial status by preparing and analyzing financial plans, forecasts, and reports.
Responsible for performing intermediate duties and support related to branch operational activities and financial services.
Responsible for checking, sorting and compiling data relevant to loan applications.
Responsible for analyzing credit and financial reports to determine risk involved in loaning money or extending credit.
Helps companies organize their finances. They prepare budget reports and monitor spending.
Responsible for providing financial advice and support to clients and colleagues.
Assigns and directs all work performed in the branch and supervises all areas of operation.
Provides clients with advice on financial matters, makes recommendations on ways to best utilise clients money.
Review individual applications for insurance to evaluate degree of risk involved and determine acceptance of applications.
Provides advice to clients about various financial matters including fund and debt management, mergers, and acquisitions.