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Resume Format

Resume Format

The format may have different meanings. They may be style, structure and type of electronic file.

We are now going to discuss on the structure of the resume, how the order of subcategories, common style, and content of sub categories are used. We are now discussing on the two ways how to format the resume.

Reverse Chronological Format and Functional Resume Format. (Do not forget hybrid or mixed versions of resume exist).

Resume format may be of a style of electronic file. You may refer the word ASCII text file. If you need any information for electronic resume format you may visit this link.

The Functional Resume

The functional Resume format focuses on relevant skills that are highly specific when the type of position is sought. These format stresses on professional capacities and utilize the summaries of experience. But in case of chronological resume format your skills and capabilities are highlighted briefly mentioning the timeline of the used skills in the reverse chronological-listing such as starting with most recent activities at the top. Individuals may sometimes prefer functional resume rather than chronological resume by giving the following information in the following way:

*Haphazard giving Career background and job profile without pointing to a specific arena.

*Very often someone's previous experience is worthless in the new industry and can not be emphasized with the current position.

*Someone who has not worked in the industry and a full time employer, either he enters the position by gathering some sort of experience. It may also be that the occupation differs a lot from the position he used to hold in the industry.

*Lapse in career is really crucial and matters a lot.

This is the basic outline for a functional resume

Name and Address of the job seeker

Opening Headline and Objectives or Occupational Title

Qualification Summary

Experience/s Highlight/s

Work or Employment Summary

Education and Specific Industry Oriented Training if any i.e. computer, software or Hardware course

Breakdown: The functional resume format contains summary introduction at the beginning followed by a detailed description whether it is in case of skills or expertise or some specific functional area. "Function" section is the important one and the work history is enlisted in the order chronologically. Work History only contains simple listing not at all any description of jobs. Academics are listed just below of that.

The chronological/Reverse Chronological Resume

Chronological or Reverse Chronological Resume Formats are totally different from that as per as layout is concerned. The main body of the resume contains professional experience records, starting with the latest job you have done. The career growth or the way you have gained the experience is very important.

Individuals satisfying any of the following conditions may opt for a chronological resume:

*A career background that is best suitable for the job you apply for

*Someone who is having limited work history but has already gained some sort of experience in the applying position.

* Steady career record and no lapse in job career may encourage someone to build these type resumes.

Basic outline of chronological resume is as follows:

Name and address of the job seeker

Opening Headline, Objective/Occupational Title

Qualification Summary

Professional Experience

Education or Trainings you have done so far

Breakdown: The resume format begins with a brief summary or Career Objective section. Qualifications are not so important for this kind of resume. They can be highlighted at the summary section. Experience record is also listed in the summary section. Job descriptions are given in the reverse chronological order with latest job first and then the rest follows in the following way. Education is the next section which is followed by Publications, Awards, Professional Affiliations, and Honors and so on.