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Job Search at Social Networks

Job Search at Social Networks

In the era when you don't exist if you aren't in the social network, even looking for work in the social network is essential. People conduct their lives in the internet arena and as an inseparable part of it. They even look for work within it.

Employers and work seekers as one use the social networks, when each one of them has at his disposal many tools that help him achieve his goals. Employers can seek for qualitative employees that fit their needs and work seekers can represent themselves in a clever way and by doing so can increase their chance of being accepted for certain jobs.

Which social networks are the best fitting for work seeking?

Today there are many social networks, and there's not a thing that can prevent you from using each one of them to increase your chance of finding a job. You can open a profile in each one of them and update your details accordingly. The leading networks within which it's recommended to open a profile are:

Facebook - The largest social network in the world. Anyone who is interested in introducing himself to the net, it's recommended to open a profile in it.

Linkden - It is about a social network with a professional orientation.

Twitter - Social network with a lot of job offers, build your profile and promote yourself as job seeker. Try to follow companies that connected to your job search category.

What is the best way you can present yourself in the social network?

People tend to forget that after they write in the web, there is someone that reads what they wrote. Therefore, it's important to pay attention to the small details, to focus on the target that for its sake you got connected to the social network, you have to avoid misspelling and phrase sentences clearly.

It's recommended to pass the message through in just a few sentences, so that whoever will read the page will grasp very quickly who you are, what's your range of experience and how they can contact you.

Important tips for someone who builds a profile on a social network:

If the purpose behind the profile building is work seeking don't be ashamed to write on your profile: "looking for a job in the field of..."

Pay attention to the picture you display in the profile. If you have pictures of friends in an uncomplimentary poses, take them off. If you intend to display pictures of you at your home, see to it that everything will in place and tidy. Don't forget that your habits show through the pictures, therefore it's recommended to beware of pictures in which your less positive habits show.

Provide complete information about prior work places and be exact with their termination so the potential employer will have complete information about you.

To sum it up: open as many profile cards as you can, through focusing on the kind of job you want. Create qualitative concise and to-the-point contents and make use of pictures that will show you in the most positive light.